Cancer Treatments In India

Cure your cancer with best cancer treatment in India

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, he needs proper and quick treatment from medical surgeons. As if there is a delay in medical treatment then it may take the life of the patient. In developed countries like USA, UK, Australia, etc. have high medical bills; however, one can get the same treatment from a country like India with an effective price. Therefore, why one needs to come for cancer treatment in India cancer treatment in India?


Why India for treatment?


  • Cost-effectiveness- Patients are attracted towards India due to cost-effectiveness of treatment with high standard of compliance Take look at the cost of Breast cancer treatment in India, and the US
Treatment US (USD) India (USD)
Lumpectomy 2000 12 to 15, 000 2000 to 3000
Mastectomy 21 to 23,000 7000
  • Best Cancer Hospital in India – There are many multi-specialty hospitals in India like Fortis hospital, Colombia Asia hospital, seven hills hospital, etc. the list is long, so it entirely depends on your medical report
  • Easy Medical visa
  • Ayurvedic treatment- One can get ayurvedic treatment for cancer as co-therapy in India
  • Best oncologist in India- These hospitals have an expert oncologist; you can take service as per your budget and preferred location for treatment.


Take wise and quick decision for your health.