What is medical tourism?

Medical Tourism or Healthcare tourism, is the phenomenon of people travelling outside their country for medical treatment. Traditionally people travelled from less developed countries to more developed countries for better medical facilities, whereas the latest trend is opposite. Nowadays, people from developed countries travel to developing countries for medical treatment. This is because of the low cost of medical treatment in developing countries.

What are the types of medical procedures that tourist usually seek in india ?

  • Plastic or Cosmetic surgery including Breast reduction and lifts, Facelift and Tummy tuck
  • Weight loss/ Bariatric Surgery –
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Orthopedic – Knee Replacement, Hip replacement, and other orthopedic surgeries
  • Cardiac – Heart Bypass, Valve replacement, Pacemaker implant
  • Brain surgery – Gamma Knife and other brain procedures
  • Spine surgery
  • Cancer treatment

why should I choose india over other destinations ?

Indian doctors are considered to be one of the best in the world. Indian healthcare industry has seen a sea change in the last few years with hospitals investing heavily on developing their infrastructure, training their workforce, and acquiring JCI and other international accreditations. All this has resulted in rapid enhancement in the quality of medical care provided by Indian hospitals. India also has its traditional treatments in Ayurveda which is the best of its kind. India is a wonderful tourist destination to explore.

Can I speak to the doctor in india before going on my trip ?

We will be happy glad to arrange a telephonic consultation or live video conference with the doctor in India ,and ensure all of your queries are answered. This is part of your package, as we want you to be confident with your decision to seek medical care in India.

After reaching India, how do I go About my trip ?

Our team will assist you at every step, from picking you at the airport when you arrive till you depart from India to ensure contentment and convince. They will see to it that your accommodation, consultation, transportation and any requirements are met.

Can I travel as soon as my medical treatment is over ?

Your doctor in India will evaluate your recovery and decide as to when it may be possible for you to travel. The average time required for recovery is usually 2-3 weeks.

Why should I take assistance of medical tourism company ?

Going directly to a hospital is an option that you can always explore. Satva, being an Health Management Company has the required knowledge about good doctors and hospitals for all kind of procedure and therefore it is well placed to provide you with an unbiased suggestion.

The treatment process, could be very cumbersome for foreign patients because of lack of knowledge of local languages. Satva follows a customized service for each and every patients need to provide a smooth medical Journey.

How are the cost saving ?

Cost might be the most crucial factor for each and every patient. India has become a leading destination in Medical tourism because of one of the factor, Low cost with international standard treatments. However the cost depends upon the Choice of Treatments. A knee replacement Procedure in the US may cost $40,00, whereas the same would be 40-60% less including the travel, accommodation with the same international standards.

Should I make payment to the hospital directly or should I pay to satva ?

You will be required to make payment as per the hospitals policy. This involves paying a deposit before undergoing any diagnostic tests or procedure. A final bill will be presented to you prior to discharge from the hospital usually you pay directly to the hospital.