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Recently a mother from Tanzania had given birth to twin boys who were “pygopagus” (conjoined at the end of the spine). The couple from Kasumulu tribe in Tanzania went to many hospitals in their country for the separation of two kids, they received only rejection and disheartened, as it was very complicated case and many doctors were reluctant to conduct the operation as there was a high risk of losing life of this children. This operation is highly expensive in western countries and this couple were unable to afford the expenses.


With great exception and hopes they visited India for the medical assistance, their hopes were not shattered as the operation created a history with 20 surgeons, 9 months of research and approximately 19 long hours of prolonged operation, they successfully separated the babies and gave them a new life to lead. This is one among the many medical success stories which occurred in India. Medical tourism in India has taken a great bounds by giving consistent successful treatments to international patients who come to India for medical recovery, which will have this industry boom for 3 billion by 2019 and placing India has the best Medical tourism destination.


StavaMediTour is striving to help those who are in need of medical assistance with their seamless services in Medical tourism industry. As the name suggests they look into the three commands, which is tendencies, qualities and attributes.


Before the patient and their company fly to India, SatvaMeditour makes all theprior arrangements for patients like getting to know their history of sickness records for getting in touch with top doctors and surgeons for further analysis and treatments procedures, conduct video or telephonic call with doctors and patient; fixing appointment for the medical consult. Once the patient is in India SatvaMediTourundertake all the requirements like consulting the doctor, accommodation for the patient and their family near the hospital they wish to get treated, providing contact numbers and they also make the package facility for booking patient room/bed type until the complete recovery of the patient.


Facilities and Qualities


SatvaMediTourensures that all the treatments of their respective patients will be under right hands, they curate the top doctors and surgeons in India who has most success ratio and also hold high reputations abroad like USA and UK. SatvaMediTouris tied with one of the best hospitals in India. This world-class facilitated hospitals hones frontier technology and robotic equipment’s to provide care on global standards. With cutting-edge equipment and operative techniques to provide solutions for complicated treatments like heart surgery, cancer treatments, neuro and spinal surgery, kidney care, cosmetic surgery, dental care, obesity surgery and hip disc/knee replacements. Indian medical has advanced in high-end technology like IMRT / IGRT, robotic surgeries, diagnostics and transplant support systems which enables the fast recovery of the patients.





Cost effective and Speed recovery


SatvaMediTour make sure your trip to India is comforting and cost-effective. Medical treatments in western countries are highly expensive, where in India same treatments with world-class facilities come with 70 % cheaper and more efficient than other south Asian countries. Instant attention is given to emergency surgery and high degree attendant is taken care for speed recovery and minimize the long stay in hospitals.


Rejuvenate and Wellness


Many visitors come to India for medical healing and rejuvenate. Ayurveda treatment in India is world famous for many healing powers. Ayurveda was originated in India around 400 BC, even today this methodis highly appreciated for its natural curing process conducted by medicinal herbs and essential oils. Ayurveda is not only for curing sickness it’s also a wellness retreat to maintain the good health. SatvaMediTourhas best wellness retreat packages for Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala, which has been home to this ancient therapy. SatvaMediTour is collaborated with many accredited wellness centres with all the modern amenities in the amid of nature to make your stay serene and revitalised.

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