Nephrology Treatments in India


Nephrology is the study of the functioning of kidneys which are necessary to support a healthy life. Like any other organ, kidneys can also become dysfunctional under certain circumstances. Kidneys can be diseased in various ways namely: infections, cancer, stones, kidney failure, etc. National Kidney Foundation says one out of three adults in American is susceptible to kidney diseases.

In the event of kidney failure, kidney/renal transplantation is the only way to prevent waste accumulation. Kidney transplant in India, however, is budget friendly for kidney transplant cost in India is roughly around three lacs compared to exorbitant rates abroad. Quality medical facilities make kidney treatment in India a favorable experience. Best kidney transplant hospitals in India ensure that donors are made available without any hassle in legal procedures. Kidney transplant in India is hugely successful as can be inferred from Narayanan Unni V, Chief of Medical Services, Aster Medcity, Kochi, Kerala who said in The Economic Times, “Today the success rate of renal transplants is about 90-99% and close to 100%.” Best kidney transplant hospitals in India have made thousands live anew owing to kidney transplant cost in India being reasonably low. Considering the success rates and the money parted for it, kidney treatment in India is no less than striking gold.